Multi-Room Sound

There are three options for you to choose from when you want to have Multi – Room Sound throughout your house. Option one is a basic Zone-2. You can watch your favorite show in the family room and listen to an internet radio station in other rooms with basic volume controls mounted in the wall. You can also put speakers outside on a back porch or deck for those backyard BBQs. Option two is a multi-source multi room system. It is controlled with keypads mounted in the wall allowing for different audio sources in each individual room. Option three would be Sonos, multi-source, multi-room wireless solution controlled by a free app on your smart phone, iPad, Tablet or PC over your wifi network. It will stream internet music sources such as Pandora and Spotify, thousands of internet radio stations and also music stored on a local computer.

The Next Generation Multi-Zone Has Arrived

MCA-88 8 Source, 8 Zone Controller Amplifier



The MCA-88i provides eight zones of distributed stereo audio from any of eight sources. The new MCA-88i is a powerhouse of distribution, and unlike the smaller MCA-66i features digital amplification, giving 40 watts of power per channel to zones 1 through 6. Zones 7 & 8 have been engineered to accommodate external amplification – and use a ‘pre-amp’ stage, making it perfect for use with multi-channel power amplifiers for larger zones – or home cinema integration.