Surround Sound

Home Theater, Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos


The basic setup of a surround sound consists of a TV, AVR receiver, speakers, and a sub woofer. The first thing we do is have a free walk-through of your house to determine what will suit you the best. By putting in mind the set up of your room and what you want to do with your system, we will make a system that you will be sure to love. We can also provide a custom programmed universal remote for complete control.

If you want a custom set up or just a plain set up we can help. We also have many wall mount options like flat, tilt or articulating mounts for TVs from the small TV in the kitchen to the big screen in the family room.

For a 5.1 system you have two front speakers, one center speaker and two rear speakers. Your speaker options are recessed speakers, surface mounted speakers, or tower speakers. The recessed speakers we use can pick up on the color of your walls or can be painted. If you want a bigger surround sound you can go with the 7.1 system.

In a 7.1 system you have your two front speakers, one center speaker, two surround speakers and two rear or front high speakers. A sub-woofer is used in both systems with different sizes available to provide the level of bass that you prefer.

The new format Dolby Atmos starting with 5.1.2 includes extra channels for total sound immersion and you can even add an extra sub for a 5.2.2 and up.