Tv Wall Mounting

Want that new Big Screen TV mounted on the wall ? TV install too complicated ?  We can help. We hang TV’s on walls, above fireplaces, inside and outside. We have flat mounts, tilt mounts and full motion mounts to choose from. We also have the experience to mount the TV with any store-bought mount you provide.

We hang TV’s on just about any surface, from the basic sheet rock wall to brick and stone fireplaces. It is always better to have things prepared before final construction but we can handle existing construction as well. If there is no electrical plug at the mounting location we can wire in power extension kits that meet code or we can bring in a certified electrician.

Remember that when hanging a TV it’s not just mounting it safe, secure and level, it needs power and a cable or HDMI connection as well. We can hide those wires in the wall and locate the video equipment under it in a cabinet or down the hall in a closet out of sight. We also adjust the picture, set it up on your WiFi. Just give us a call and tell us how we can help.

Wall Hanging TVs are a big part of what we do. Every Surround Sound, Home Theater and Home Structured Cable jobs have the same important feature…Wall mounted TV’s !! so if it is a large TV on the wall or a small screen in the kitchen or even a TV installed outside on the patio, We have an option that will work for your situation.

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